ok so I’m trying to find a song and tumblr is acting like Dobby from harry potter


security at concerts always look so bored i mean at least smile you’re getting fucking paid to stand one step closer to my idol than i’ll probably ever be able to you fucker


Remember when Katy Perry’s Roar came out and it sounded exactly like Sara Bareilles’ Brave and then Taylor brought Sara out on tour and shaded Katy by saying Brave is so original and stuff. Well last night fans were saying Bad Blood sounded like a Katy song.. WHAT IF IT SOUNDS LIKE ROAR

1989 Listening Sessions - Los Angeles


“She (Taylor) described it (haylor) like trying to build a fire out of two twigs and everyone is yelling at the fire “i hate your fire” and blowing out the sparks.”

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all those days in 2013 when haylor would go MIA in LA at the same time i felt a little delusional for thinking they might’ve hung out but omg now i know it’s true like i feel it there’s no doubt in my mind

it baffles me that not even the media knew that harry bought a house near taylors like 0.o